Results of the project

Due to implementation of the Project, the applicant aims to diminish following problems:

• Insufficient integration between Poland and Norway – problem diminished due to building partnership between The Music Academy in Łódź and Telemark Chamber Orchestra during a two year project

• Major social differences, especially concerning cultural competence – problem diminished due to implementation of courses led by Norwegian/Polish artists

• Major disparities in access to cultural events – problem diminished due to organization of concerts of Telemark Chamber Orchestra in Poland and The Music Academy in Łódź - in Norway

• Major social differences (unequal knowledge concerning chamber music) – problem diminished due to promotion of chamber music

• Insufficient integration and international cooperation within artistic environment – problem diminished due to organizing international conference

Partner’s participation will contribute to enhanced achievement of the project goals. Courses conducted by Norwegian musicians will strengthen cultural qualifications of Polish artists, coorganized conference will bring the debate on chamber music into the international scene, while concerts will promote Polish/Norwegian chamber music, thus contributing to promotion of cultural diversity of the Polish and Norwegian heritage. The two year of cooperation will result in building firm partnership. Key role in the project will be that of Norwegian experts.

Master classess and new concert forms bring special value to the project schedule.
The project is internationally biased, since scheduled activities will be carried out both in Poland and Norway. Popularization of knowledge and experience will result from direct (concerts, courses, conference and lectures) and indirect activities (free access to project materials on the internet page). It was planned that both sides (applicant and partner) will perform similar actions in partner country. Thus, division of the budget is drawn in even sections for the costs of cultural activities in Norway.