Project Partner

  Telemark Chamber Orchestra was funded in 1992 as a project motivated ensemble. From the very beginning, establishing of high artistic profile of performance was particularly important motivation of its creators. The ensemble usually consists of 10 to 15 players with prevailing string players. The orchestra members include finest classical musicians in Norway and its Artistic Director has always been Lars-Erik ter Jung. Most of musicians forming Telemark Chamber Orchestra belong to the musical community of Telemark. Yet, the ensemble works as a touring orchestra in bigger part of South Norway. It is generally accepted that Orchestra is the only professional orchestra in the region. The touring character of the ensemble grows from the fact, that majority of its members work as freelance artists, or have employment in other orchestras or institutions. The repertoire of Telemark Chamber Orchestra includes classical music as well as contemporary motives. Two characteristics of the ensemble are commissions from Norwegian composers and folk elements in presented music (as Telemark is TCO`s origo).

 Project of Cooperation between The Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź and Telemark Chamber Orchestra will be the first major Longlasting international challenge for Norwegian ensemble. The mentioned orchestra has rich experience in smaller cultural projects, though. Between 20102012 (last three years) the ensemblele led by Lars-Erik ter Jung completed at least 14 projects, mainly in Telemark (Skien and Seljord) and Oslo. It is particulary importent to underline that Orchestra took part in the Ultimafestival in Oslo in 2011. The orchestra has very rich experience in cooperation with artists who are not members the ensemble. One should remember that Orchestra`s members are mainly string players. This is particularly important from the applicant point of view, as ensembles from Norway and Poland plan to give joint concerts. As stated above, Telemark Chamber Orchestra has no permanent residence, but works as touring orchestra and the players are employed on a project by project basis. Still, since most of artists are connected to the Telemark environment, it understandable that its members cooperate with Telemarkkonsertar.

 Despite the fact that the mentioned orchestra has no permanent residence, it has earned recognition of Norwegian institution. Orchestra is sponsored among others by The Arts Council Norway (Norsk Kulturråd), Telemark County (Telemark Fylkeskommune), Telemark Music Council (Telemark Musikkråd) and The Funds for Performing Artists.